The Living Maya

The book explores five core lessons from Mayan culture using revealing anecdotes set in the cornfields, mountain shrines and homes of modern Maya. The book reveals how this ancient knowledge offers hope and direction for a humanity nearing its direst moments as the year 2012 looms closer. The ancestral teachings of the Maya focus on Five Lessons:

Lesson 1: Cherish the Babies
Lesson 2: Weave Bonds of Community
Lesson 3: Revere Nature
Lesson 4: Remember the Elders & Ancestors
Lesson 5: Experience Spirit
  • "Elder Mayan midwives facilitate extraordinarily strong physical and emotional bonds between children and mothers. These “bonded” mothers then turn to their culture’s intensely nurturing childrearing practices, radically enhancing their babies’ capacity for lifelong happiness and well-being. These deeply nurtured children’s high self-esteem later enables them to face adult challenges with fortitude and grace."
  • "Maya deliberately acknowledge and develop the powerful psychological bonds that connect the human family. Ancient Mayan rulers even drew blood from their own bodies as a ritual sacrifice for the benefit of their people. Living Maya sometimes cultivate such powerful interpersonal connections that they result in a collective sense of shared awareness and an almost visceral feeling of being in community."
  • "Maya reflexively aspire to live in balance with natural systems since they directly experience themselves as being integral to their local environment. Legendary Mayan gods, capable of even vanquishing Death itself, are themselves overwhelmed by the awesome restorative powers of Mother Earth. On the earthly plane, Mayan farmers still grow their sacred corn with humble respect for Her ways."
  • "Mayan ancestors and remembrance of death inform the living through the wise ways and few words of experienced community elders. By fully embracing human mortality, Mayan culture encourages people to live in earnest and always with a profound sense of appreciation for life’s gifts."
  • "No matter what faith Maya embrace, their spirituality is profoundly experiential. Whether traditionalist, Catholic or Evangelical; Maya prioritize the divine as a natural consequence of regular and real inspiration. For the Maya, spirituality is more a matter of awareness than of belief. They live in a humility born from an enhanced consciousness of the vast cosmic context."